Days at the parade

Client: Fotomuseum Den Haag

Output: Exhibition and editorial

Locations: Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht, The Netherlands

In the past few years, Hans Wilschut has made name as a photographer capturing complex urban and industrial sceneries with his large format camera, and this at ungodly hours.

Wilschut always photographs in colour and preferably leaves the lens of his camera open for a very long time, resulting in movement and dynamics of the nocturnal lights. In the postproduction of his photographs, he then hyper-corrects the colours, which makes his night shots often seem like unrealistic worlds, without succumbing to gratuitous surrealism. The assignment Wilschut received was to capture the parade site with all its venues, building constructions, tension wires, floodlights and illumination, without people. The typical festival architecture and atmosphere is in good hands of the photographer, being transformed into a fairytale, which sometimes seems to be disquieting.

Wim van Sinderen, senior conservator Fotomuseum Den Haag.

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