Client: Platform Zibra

Output: Exhibition

Location: North Brabant, The Netherlands

…with his camera, Hans Wilschut creates forms in the scenery which can only be seen by the “photographic eye”. Wilschut makes strong visual abstractions of the scenery with as a result photographs which attract in their beauty, but which do not reveal their topic instantaneously. His pinpoint-sharp and highly detailed, large-sized photographs (110 x 140 cm) seduce the beholder, whilst at the same time provoking the enigma: what am I looking at exactly? Only upon closer inspection, will he understand the photographed situation. Wilschut travelled through Brabant as a photographing detective, he writes in his motivation, ˜looking for signs and proof that Brabant is changing”. In his photographs we find traces of that alteration process, which always implies something else than you would suspect at first sight: trees marked for felling; a golf course overtaking previous farmland; a green meadow turning out to be a grass nursery for the Ajax stadium; plant growth along the motorway becoming the nocturnal meeting place for yearning men.

Frits Gierstberg 2007

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Tree Scene